Grieks Rebetiko: Sabi Trio

Sabi star, also known as the Desert Rose, if you look for it, you’ll find it from North Africa and the Sahara to the south of Natal and Swaziland. Sabi Stars seed travels through the vast wilderness, crossing borders and countries.We also plan a journey based on old and new melodies we love, drawing musical material from the endless musical tradition of the wider Greek space, just like the journey of our flower! The guitar intertwines with accordion, the piano with the lap steel guitar and the three voices together, create a colorful musical environment.

Haroula Tsalpara: Piano, Accordion, Voice
Eleni Chartalami: Percussions, Ney, Voice
Kostis Kostakis: Guitar, Lap Steel guitar, Voice

Doors open: 19:30
Program: 20:30
Tickets: 10,- €


21 feb 2020


8:30 pm
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