Lapsus Lumine: three voices with a double-bass

Based in Turin since 2017, Lapsus Lumine is a contemporary music ensemble that combines three voices with a double-bass in its compositions and improvisations. Whether creating new pieces or redefining the work of others, the ensemble’s focus is the simplicity of the song as well as the complexity of the counterpoint and polyphony. Rhythm, melody, noise and words in different languages are interwoven, resulting an evocative sound that delivers to the listener a unique sonic experience.

Marta del Grandi / vocals
Sabrina Oggero Viale / vocals
Erika Sofia Sollo / vocals
Stefano Risso / composition, arrangements, double bass

Zaal open: 19.30
Concert: 20.30
Tickets: 10,-

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04 jul 2021


8:30 pm
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