Music from the coasts of the Aegean Sea

Taksims (impros), tunes and songs from the traditions of all the coasts around the Aegean Sea: Islands, Asia Minor and good references to rembetika.
Stefanos Filos played in Matrix before with The Matronas Trio. Based in Athens, he joins a lot of (international) theatre projects and musical collaborations. Traditional style or with (sound) experiments such as Elektro Balkana and Alcalica.
Antonis Laurijsen is known from Mále Vráse, he is a respected rembetika guitarist and singer based in Brabant. He is also an expert in other Greek music styles.
Pit Hermans plays Greek, balkan, klezmer and jazz on cimbalom. She performs with Stefanos for years, has a balkan Trio Lanyok and a klezmer duo Pitt&Ann.

Stefanos Filos – violin and vocals.
Pit Hermans – cimbalom and vocals.
Antonis Laurijsen – guitar and vocals.

Deur open: 20:00 uur
Programma: 21:00 uur
Tickets: € 10,-


31 okt 2019


9:00 pm
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