Program CHI Quartet

CHI quartet original music

1.The dance
A humorous yet elegant piece which briefly illustrates my job as a ballet accompanist.

2. A fair Maiden from Afar (Traditional Chinese folk song Arr.)

At a place from afar
There is a beautiful lady
When people pass by her house
They can’t keep their eyes off her
Her face is like sunshine, her eyes are ravishing
Just like the enchanting moon

3.Mountain poem
A piece about being perseverance in life. In order to reach the top of the mountain, we must conquer hardship.

4.Inner Child
A lost period of my life. Trying to search my root and the reason of living. It is a piece of me trying to search the sweet memories; that I shared with my grandpa, from my chaotic mind.

5.Flying Dream
An illustration of myself as a kid. The same flying dream happened all the time when I was little. In the dream, I could fly.

A piece about self-worth. Knowing that everyone has their own position, and life path.
We are all beautiful flowers in the humanity garden.
One life passes, another life begins. This is the nature of life.

A piece inspired by German pianist Franz von Chossy, my dear teacher who gave me the courage to write my own music and be free. Knowing there is no limitation in life and art.


24 sep 2021


8:40 pm
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